The City Never Sleeps (2.0)

We (Marc C. Woehr and Achim Kern) were invited to exhibit our augmented painting at the Berlin office opening of REBEL. This time we took it one step further and created an interactive Version

The following properties of the painting can be controlled via a touchscreen interface:

  • 12 possible textures for the buildings. The software smoothly interpolates between new textures
  • 12 possible (animated) lighting scenarios. The software smoothly interpolates between new lighting settings (see 1:23 in the video)
  • 6 possible transitions (animated glowing outlines), which can either be used in solo mode (fading the rest of the image to black) to discretely switch to a new texture/lighting/color or in non-solo mode where they are overlayed and therefore work as an effect
  • 4 different color tints
  • 3 effects: Contrast/Boost, Color delay, Reflect

At the exhibition we used an iPad to control the painting